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Essay analysis is actually quite easy for one who has an analytical frame of mind. Writers with some experience would find it easy to write an analysis compared with someone who has not written an essay before. The reason is simple. As you writer more essays, you are in a better position to identify mistakes. These could have been brought to your notice by teachers or other people who would have read your essays. The process of analyzing is basically the same. You have to look for ways an essay could be written better. There are methods that you can employ to maintain consistency in Types of writing. Any recommendations made should be based on sound logic and research.

1.       Think like your teachers do. It would be easy to adapt the same methods they use to correct papers. This approach is good especially for subjects that require detailing and precision. For example, a math essay would have a basic standard structure that has to be maintained. Corrections made in a test essay would indicate how the structure would be established. You need to follow the same pattern when analyzing a math essay. While going through a literature essay, there are other elements that could be added including your personal point of view on the style of writing, vocabulary used, and sentence structure.

2.       The more you know about a subject, the better you write. The same principle applies to essay analysis. You are the expert on the topic and have to comment on it based on your knowledge and experience. It does get easier if you have sound knowledge about a topic. There are different perspectives that would have to be considered before making an analysis.

3.       The basis of all essays is the thesis statement. Every point made should revolve around it. Some writers start off well and then lose track of arguments that support the thesis statement. They end up writing an essay that is loosely structured and which deviates from the topic. An analysis essay should be able to point out and highlight changes that can be made.

4.       Students understand better with comparisons. It is easier to compare an essay with a similar essay that proves your point. Comparisons can be made using the structure, arguments, style of writing, logic applied, and other parameters. These would be easily understood by readers and other writers.

5.       Essay analysis also includes editing. Readers would definitely not like to read shabbily-written essays with grammatical mistakes. The analysis should highlight areas that have recurring errors. Proofreading is an art and comes with practice. Writers learn to proofread their own work while writing a custom essay. When that does not happen, it shows in the lack of essay quality.

6.       It is possible to have limited knowledge about a new topic. That should not deter you from making comments. You should have a list of sources from the internet that you would have used for previous assignments. Browse through those sources. Most information websites offer valuable information on most advances made in technology. The information could be used to successfully complete an essay analysis on any topic.

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